The Match Point Tennis Club (MPTC) has been in operation since 1966. We are a non-profit volunteer organization providing monthly tennis tournaments for all levels of players. The tournaments are held at the Phoenix Tennis Center located at 21st Avenue and Citrus Way, just north of Bethany Home Road.

MPTC offers five types of tournaments: (only one type each month)

  1. Singles
  2. Choose Your Own Partner Doubles (CYOPD)
  3. Luck Of the Draw Doubles (LODD) A partner is randomly selected for you in your division.
  4. Choose Your Own Partner Mixed (CYOPM)
  5. Luck Of the Draw Mixed (LODM)

Skill Divisions:

There are three women's divisions and three men's divisions, A, B, and C. Approximate NTRP Ratings would be 4.0 or higher, 3.5 and 3.0 respectively. After we receive your request to join the club, you will be contacted by a board member to discuss your level of play. If you have a USTA rating or play regularly with a current member of Match Point, these factors will be considered as well.

Tournament Play:

Tournaments are played on the weekends. Day tournaments are held in the fall and winter and summer tournaments (April-September) are played at night. You are guaranteed at least two matches per tournament. If you lose your first round you then play in the consolation side of the tournament, After the first round, you keep playing as long as you keep winning. Awards are given to the winners and runners-up of the regular tournament and to the winners of the consolation side.

Club Facts:

  • You must be 18 years or older to belong to the club.
  • The club calendar starts January 1st and ends December 31st of that year. New members are accepted at any time during the year. One must be a member to play tournaments.
  • There is a $20.00 annual fee to belong to the club, pro-rated for those joining after the March tournament.
  • Tournament entry fees cover court costs, balls, awards given, and lights (if required)
  • Regular emails are used to keep members informed of Match Point activities. They provide tournament entry details, tournament results, and general information for the members.
  • A club roster with telephone numbers and email addresses of all members is available on our website to find partners or for casual play.The website also contains tournament entry forms, a list of board members, club rules, and by-laws plus a tournament schedule for the year, One can pay with credit/debit card on the website using PayPal. Only cash or checks are accepted at the tournament desk on the day of the tournament.
  • Members are expected to play at least four tournaments each year.

To Join:

MPTC would like for you to become a member!
Please fill in and submit the membership form